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Full Log Homes

Full Log Homes (also see Split Log Homes)

If you have always wanted to buy a full log home but were worried about settling, energy efficiency, how to run electrical wires, and plumbing; you can feel confident in buying a Golden Eagle full log homes.

Full log homes are constructed using logs that are run through a huge planer which gives them a uniform size and shape. The advantage to using this type of log is the cost savings. There is a way to get a handcrafted look for a fraction of the cost. Golden Eagle Log Homes offers a milled log with your choice of smooth or hand peeled finish.

Even on a full log home, Golden Eagle's walls on the second floor, gable ends, dormers and walkouts are insulated 2' x 6' construction with split logs. This makes for a sensible full log home. Garage walls are also split logs, except over 2' x 4' walls. As for running the wiring and plumbing, we can show you how. Please note that all the interior partition wall are 2" x 4" walls so they can be conventionally wired and plumbed. If you have any more questions about Golden Eagle full log construction, please contact us and one of our staff would be happy to provide the answers.